Sister Betty X Shabazz

The father of my children as we were accustomed to calling them not just for honor for them but respect to our seed…We never referred to them as “baby daddies” we watched them fight against a system built just to break them down…I held my head up for him and i dare not hang it down.
I was left penniless no help, no support, widowed, and with nothing..that people could see.
But I had the strength of the Higher One in me
I remember my husband’s decree
Knowing if he opened his mouth on that fateful day
That those few words may be the last he would say
And could you not see that every bullet shot
Riddled through me
That his blood poured out but mine seemed to 
stop in its own cycle
Murder is a sin in the Holy Koran or the Holy Bible
But I waisted little time seaking reveange
For if they committed it without repentance they embody sin
So I never walked looking at the tips of my toes
I walked with esteem and greatness
So my children and your children would know
That woman is a woman no matter what happens to the man
And I pray my young Queens you will understand
Malcolm X body, still pictures and a hearse
But he lives in our children his breath moves through them
Though taken from the world he was given completley to us
on Feb 21-blackwomencry2-

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